Operators of Gulfstream GIV-SP business jets equipped with PlaneDeck avionics can now add synthetic vision to its suite of cockpit functions, following approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration for the retrofit. A similar supplemental type certification is now being sought for the GV and GIV business jets.

“This upgrade will ensure the nearly 325 GIV-SPs in service worldwide remain a valuable asset for years to come,” says Gulfstream’s president of customer support, Derek Zimmerman. “Synthetic vision is one of the best safety features a business jet can have,” he continues. “By providing a 3D colour image of runways, terrain and obstacles, pilots get a clear view of the virtual flightpath. The increased level of situational awareness, which is particularly useful in unfamiliar locations, bad weather and at night, reduces errors as well as a pilot’s workload.”

Gulfstream GIV-SP

Gulfstream Aerospace

Synthetic vision is already standard on the flagship G650/G650ER and is an option on the G550, G450 and G280 business jets.

Introduced in 2012, PlaneDeck replaces the six cathode-ray tube displays in the cockpits of older-generation GIV, GIV-SP, GV, G300 and G400 business jets with Honeywell liquid crystal displays. The system adds capabilities such as electronic charts and approach plates, moving maps, video and XM ground-based weather.

Installation of the synthetic vision retrofit can be completed at any of Gulfstream’s nine US service centres.

Source: Flight International