Gulfstream is looking to tap into a developing market for secondhand business jets in Russia by certificating its more elderly models there.

Joe Walker, senior vice-president of international sales, says that the GIII, produced between 1980 and 1987, has already received Russian certification. The 1966-79 GII should be certificated there "by the end of the year", he adds .

According to Walker, there are just 15 mid/large-cabin business jets in service in Russia today (not counting converted airliners), but demand is growing. The older Gulfstreams are affordable, he says, and more are coming on the market as existing owners find it more economic to upgrade to GIVs and GVs than to adapt the older aircraft to more stringent noise requirements in Europe and North America.

Walker says that sales of used aircraft into markets such as Russia and Africa could pave the way for sales of new aircraft. "The customer will buy a GII now, but you'll open your eyes one day and he'll be in a GV," he says.

The company is not encountering any particular difficulties in getting the GII certificated, according to Walker, other than in identifying the right officials to monitor the process.

Source: Flight International