Gulfstream added to the sales celebrations yesterday when it announced the sale of two Gulfstream IV-SPs to a Saudi Arabian customer.

The two aircraft, bought by Sheikh Salman bin Hethlain, president of the Executive Group, will be registered in Saudi Arabia for charter operations. Delivery is scheduled for 2000 and 2001.

Gulfstream is talking optimistically about the business jet market particularly in the Middle East where it has built an impressive 64% share in the large-cabin market. Worldwide it estimates sales of 6,800 business jets over the next 10 years.

Ageing commercial fleets and growing concerns around safety and security are fuelling the market for business jets, says Gulfstream vice-chairman Bryan Moss.

Ernie Edwards, vice-president, international sales says: "This is another significant sale in an extremely important region. Gulfstream currently has 74 aircraft in the Middle East and North Africa regions and an additional 16 aircraft will be delivered into the region in the next two years."

Source: Flight Daily News