Litton's Aero Products division announces at the show a $35 million contract to retrofit gimballed C-IV Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Northwest Airlines.

INS is currently installed on 33 Northwest B747 and 21 DC-10-40 aircraft. Existing INS systems will be replaced with strapdown Ring Laser Gyro LTN-92 INS.

The LTN-92 meets the Required Navigation Performance (RNP)-10 for up to 10 hours without Global Positioning System (GPS) augmentation and its 'plug and play' design reduces installation, design and certification requirements for operators, says Litton president Michael R Brown.

"The Litton LTN-92 INS was specifically designed to replace spinning mass gyro systems. More than 10,000 of the spinning gyro systems have been placed in service onboard commercial and military aircraft creating a large market potential for the retrofit system," he says.


Source: Flight Daily News