Hamilton Sundstrand (Chalet D16-18) has been selected to supply the ram-air turbine (RAT) emergency power system for the Boeing 7E7.

This is the US-based systems provider's seventh contract aboard the new Boeing, the company said at Farnborough.

Also covering environmental control, electric power generation and starting, remote power distribution, the auxiliary power unit (APU), primary power distribution and nitrogen generation, the awards are expected to be worth a total of $6 billion to the company over the life of the 7E7 programme.

The company is also a leading supplier on the Airbus A380, with orders expected to be worth over $2 billion over programme life.

For the airframe, it provides the air generation system (AGS), cabin pressure control, the APU and RAT, central galley cooling, and the trimmable horizontal stabiliser actuator.


And it is contributing to both powerplant choices: the engine control suite for the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and the fuel pump and other components for the Engine Alliance GP7200.

The AGS provides aircraft cooling, heating and temperature control. Manufacturing is under way and a complete set of hardware, software and electronic controllers to Airbus for the first flight test aircraft.

A complete AGS has also been supplied for the Airbus Cabin 0 system-integration test facility in Hamburg. Testing of the 1,800hp (1,300kW) PW980A APU is under way and an additional unit is being delivered to Airbus this month for the first flight-test aircraft.

Qualification testing of the RAT began earlier this month. In the event of a total power failure aboard the A380 it will supply 70kVA. It will be nearly 60% larger than any existing unit, with a turbine exceeding 1.5m (5ft) in diameter.

Hamilton-Sundstrand affiliate Ratier-Figeac is responsible for the trimmable horizontal stabiliser actuator (THSA), which will control the position of the tailplane through the flight control computer. At 2.9m long, it will be the largest and most powerful THSA ever built for a commercial aircraft.

On the military side, Hamilton Sundstrand announced on the first day of the show that it had been selected by Northrop Grumman to supply the electric generating system for the E-2C Advanced Hawkeye airborne early-warning aircraft now in development. The generator is designed to provide more power - up to 255kVA - than any other unit of its kind, commercial or military.



Source: Flight Daily News