Boeing has selected Hamilton Sundstrand of the USA  to supply the ram-air turbine (RAT) and fire protection for the Boeing 747-8 intercontinental and freighter, the latest versions of the original jumbo jet.

The 747-8 RAT module includes a turbine governor assembly which powers an attached pressure-compensated hydraulic pump. A deploy/stow actuator will drive the RAT from its stowed position and into the airstream on command. With all its components mounted on a single frame to simplify installation on the aircraft, the RAT will be located in the mid-wing section to minimise its effect on the wing design.

 “The -8 is the first 747 variant to use a RAT as an emergency power source,” says Michael Epling, general manager of Hamilton Sundstrand commercial electric systems.
The company’s Kidde Aerospace and Defense unit will provide the 747-8’s engine and APU fire detection and cargo-compartment fire-suppression systems. Key features are high-reliability fire detectors and lightweight, titanium fire-extinguishers.

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Source: Flight Daily News