Hampson's innovative engine display, is a collection of 57 assorted engine components pieced together to demonstrate the company's capabilities in the world aerospace and industrial gas turbine marketplace.


Dr Alan Cramphorn, Hampson's divisional manager, designed the showcase containing precision machining, fabrication and assembly of their engines. The display contains components ranging from engine nacelles to complete combustion chamber burner assemblies.

Stand manager Peter Wildish says: "This display represents the scale of our company and the thousands of components we have to offer our customers." Hampson is investing $2.5 million in machine tools that will enhance its process capabilities as part of a policy of continuous investment for growth.

Of the investment, divisional managing director Mark Abbey said: "Our plans to continue to invest to deliver a ‘one-stop-shop' requirement, supported by the most advanced manufacturing methods have not faltered in spite of 11 September. We are confident that the industry will fully return to its former growth pattern and we will be ready to support our customers from a position of strength when the upturn comes."

Source: Flight Daily News