First flown on 3 April, 1976, the Harbin PS-5 four-turboprop maritime-patrol amphibian incorporates a tail-mounted magnetic-anomaly detector, nose radar and dorsal gun turret. The aircraft has entered limited service with the Chinese navy. Powered by four 2,350kW Dongan WJ5A turboprops, the aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 45,000kg. Four underwing hardpoints can carry a mixture of anti-ship missiles or anti-submarine ordnance. Sonobuoys are carried internally, and at least one version can scoop water for fire-bombing. The PS-5 did not enter service with the Chinese navy until mid-1986.

The aircraft is believed to be the focus of potential ASW and avionics upgrades.


A development of the earlier piston-powered Y-11, the Y-12 twin-turboprop passenger transport has an enlarged cabin with accommodation for up to 17 passengers. P&W Canada concluded a licence agreement in 1986 to provide PT6A engines for an initial production batch of 18 aircraft. The Y-12 II has a higher-rated PT6A-27

Source: Flight International