Russian authorities have given further details of the circumstances surrounding the hard landing which substantially damaged a Polar Airlines Antonov An-26.

The aircraft, on approach to Belaya Gora on 11 October, encountered “strong” precipitation, in the form of snow, with crosswinds from the left, gusting to 19kt.

This limited visibility to 1,900m, says federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia.

It states that the aircraft landed close to the Indigirka river, some 390m from the threshold and 230m to the left of the centreline of runway 07.

Rosaviatsia says the NDB approach was carried out with visibility of 2,500m compared with the 4,000m needed.

It states that the aircraft’s captain, an instructor, had accumulated over 11,400h including more than 7,600 on An-24s and An-26s.

While the aircraft was badly damaged in the landing, none of the 33 occupants was seriously injured.

Source: Cirium Dashboard