Harrods Air Service Now!

At Harrods Passenger Service Bureau on the 2nd floor, adjoining the Library Lounge, you can now book for journeys by air with exactly the same ease as you book for travel by sea or land. Air travel is now a proved, safe and established thing, and business people especially, as indeed all to whom time is important, will appreciate this new branch of Harrods' service.

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Still Waiting

It would appear that, for an international aero exhibition, the only reliable way for foreign exhibitors or competitors to get their machines to the place in time is to fly them there. At the Paris Aero Show, many of the foreign exhibitors were unable to get their machines to the show in time for the opening, while others were actually more than a week late. At the present Olympia Show, the only foreign aeroplane exhibitor, M Henri Potez, is still waiting for his machine. The only exhibit on his stand is a placard announcing that "The machine is actually delayed in transport and is incessantly expected".

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Getting a Wind Up

That no aeroplanes are allowed to fly at less altitude than 1,000ft in connection with the yacht races now being run off Sandy Hook, it is not unreasonable enactment by the Stewards of the course, given the "calms" which have rather upset calculations so far. It is quite conceivable that considerable air commotion in the right direction might well be brought about by well-directed flying of aircraft at low altitude, and, so susceptible appears to be the huge span of canvas on the British boats to the slightest movement of the atmosphere that, we verily believe, the operation of aeroplanes in this way might well be the means of bringing back the Cup.

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Stunting in Switzerland

Evidently the authorities in Switzerland have decided that prudence is the better part of stunting. At any rate, it is announced that henceforth Swiss airmen who want to do stunts will have to obtain a special licence and to insure themselves for £750.

Source: Flight International