Honeywell (Hall 5, A17) is expanding the range of pre-owned aircraft components available through Honeywell Aerospace Trading (HAT) to include mechanical systems as well as avionics.

The company is adding engines, auxiliary power units (APUs), starters and environmental control systems to its inventory and will add wheels and brakes in the future.

Tim Mahoney, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Aviation Aftermarket Services, says: "Honeywell Aerospace Trading has been an extremely popular source for pre-owned Honeywell avionics, and we are now able to respond to our many customers who have been asking us to include our mechanical systems."


Honeywell inspects and repairs, if necessary, all pre-owned products sold through HAT and provides them with a Honeywell warranty. Each comes with a tag certifying that the unit is airworthy.

HAT also serves as a marketplace where airlines and other aircraft operators can sell their excess inventories of components. Although most components offered by HAT are current systems, HAT can also provide hard-to-find older systems that are no longer in production.

Components offered by HAT are available across the globe, and the order desk is staffed 24 hours a day. The equipment available includes Honeywell products, as well as legacy brands owned by Honeywell such as Garrett and Lycoming turbine engines and APUs and Bendix/King, Sperry, RCA, Sundstrand and AlliedSignal avionics.

Source: Flight Daily News