Austrian Typhoon
Austria is on the verge of announcing that a deal has finally been agreed to break the impasse surrounding its Eurofighter Typhoons. Austrian media reports the country will now receive just 15 Eurofighter Typhoons, and that the overall price to be paid will fall from €1.96billion to just €1.7billion – a smaller saving than the €500 m reportedly demanded by Austrian defence minister Norbert Darabos, but greater than the  €200million offered by Eurofighter GmbH.

In time for Timken
Kellstrom Defense Aerospace has been chosen by Timken as an approved distributor for all its fixed- and rotary-wing products as used on the T56 engine and other light and medium range helicopters. Dennis Zalupski, president of Kellstrom Industries, says: “Kellstrom is very excited to be given this opportunity to distribute Timken products to the global defence market.”

Forging a partnership
Mettis Aerospace  has secured a development and production contract from Hamilton Sundstrand to supply components for the primary air management system on the Boeing 787. It will supply titanium forgings for the compressor section of the environmental control system. The company has signed a MoU with Chinese firm SAM (Suzhou) to supply components for the CF34-8C aero engine for the ARJ21 Chinese regional jet and the LM6000 industrial gas turbine.

Learjet for Skytime
Bombardier announced at the show yesterday that it has sold six more Learjets to UK customer European Skytime, a block charter operator, which has taken eight of the type in the last month. 

Source: Flight Daily News