Two British Airways (BA) London Heathrow-based ground workers have been arrested after one of the airline's Airbus A321s was damaged during an incident on 9 January.

Oneworld member BA is declining to comment on the exact nature of the incident, but it is understood that an electrically-powered baggage truck collided with one of its A321s which was due to depart London Heathrow for Aberdeen under flight number BA1318.

The aircraft was carrying 80 passengers and, although no precise detail on the extent of the damage was immediately available, engineers are currently working to repair the twinjet.

BA says: "Two members of our ground staff based at Heathrow were arrested following an incident where one of our aircraft was damaged.

"They were both questioned by the police and released on bail pending further inquiries. It would therefore be inappropriate to give further details."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news