European engine-maker Turbomeca has unveiled a product development strategy that could introduce four new turboshaft engines by the end of this decade spanning a thrust range from 500-8,000shp (370-5,960kW).

With Eurocopter planning to introduce a Dauphin replacement called X4 in 2016, the first of the four engines to be introduced is aimed at replacing the Arriel series with an all-new core.

The TM800 engine will be offered in the 1,100shp range in the 2016 timeframe.

The programme is designed to support helicopters in the 4,000-6,000kg (8,810-13,215lb) take-off weight range, says Phillippe Couteaux, Turbomeca's vice-president and general manager for airframers.

Following close behind on Turbomeca's product roadmap is the TM600 engine in the 500-900shp class, Couteaux says.

By around 2020, Turbomeca also plans to phase out the RTM322 and replace it with a new engine called the TS2000. Couteaux describes this engine as supporting the next generation of Eurocopter Super Pumas and Sikorsky Black Hawks.

The fourth major engine programme, that has yet to be launched, would support emerging demand for helicopters in the 40t-size class, Couteaux says. The TS8000-engine series would be based on an all-new architecture, filling a gap in Turbomeca's portfolio for engines above about 2,500shp.

The all-new engines come on top of two more powerful versions of existing Arriel engines to support enhanced helicopters coming from Eurocopter, with the Arriel 2D paired with AS350B3es and the Arriel 2N with the AS365N3e.

Source: Flight International