Long-term stability is forecast for the civil helicopter market, with Rolls-Royce and the Teal Group projecting deliveries of 5,190 turbine-powered rotorcraft worth $13.9 billion over the next 10 years. The engine manufacturer and market forecaster also project more than 5,720 military helicopter deliveries and upgrades worth $81.1 billion over the same period. The two companies’ 2006-2015 forecast includes vertical take-off and landing unmanned rotorcraft.

Civil deliveries are expected to remain above 500 helicopters annually for the next 10 years, with turbine singles accounting for 57%, light twins 22% and intermediate twins 18%. Deliveries this year are expected to be slightly lower than in 2005, although the offshore and law enforcement markets are expected to be strong and utilisation is forecast to increase. Honeywell, in its forecast, projects deliveries of 6,000 civil turbine helicopters over the 11- year period 2006-2016.

Source: Flight International