BAE Systems will develop a digital replacement for the cathode ray tube-based Lockheed Martin F-22 head-up display (HUD).

The contract awarded by Lockheed calls for BAE to develop a system that fits the dimensions and power used by the current system. BAE anticipates that a follow-on order will lead to a retrofit production programme for the roughly 180 F-22s in the US Air Force fleet.

BAE supplied the original HUD for the F-22, but recently has introduced the “Digital Light Engine” HUD product line for retrofit aircraft and new applications.

The digital HUD reduces maintenance and allows the pilot more freedom of movement, BAE claims.

“We’ve worked closely with Lockheed Martin to deliver a completely modernized HUD solution for the F-22 fleet that meets the long-term needs of the Air Force,” says Andy Humphries, director of Advanced Displays at BAE Systems.