Grob Aircraft has brought its G520 high-altitude ISR aircraft to the Dubai air show for the first time, hoping to lure customers in the region for the specialised surveillance aircraft.

The all-composite aircraft features a 33m (108ft) wingspan and is powered by a Honeywell TPE331-14F turboprop engine.

Grob G520 Dubai


Designed in the 1980s for high-altitude, long-range surveillance, the G520 can cruise at an altitude of 50,000ft and fly for 12 hours. It is also able to carry a range of payloads, including electro-optical systems, radar and other specialised monitoring equipment in seven bays under its fuselage.

Only five G520s have been built so far, and the one on display at Dubai is the only two-seater variant. The aircraft had been used in Australia on survey missions for a number of years before being acquired by the manufacturer in 2014.

Grob is now offering new builds of the type to customers as the G520NG, including as an optionally-piloted version aimed at the military and government surveillance market.

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Source: Cirium Dashboard