Elbit Systems' efforts to secure more business in the helicopter upgrade market has led to a roughly $110 million contract to modernise and maintain the Mil Mi-17 transports operated by an undisclosed country in the Asia-Pacific region. "The project will be performed over a five-year period," the company says, adding that it covers "dozens" of aircraft.

Flight Fleets Analyzer records 17 Asia-Pacific region nations as operating combined fleets totalling more than 930 Mi-8/17-series helicopters.

Elbit offers rotary-wing modernisation services including the conversion of utility and assault platforms for multirole operations, as well as structural upgrades, full maintenance and support packages.

Mi-17 - Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems

"Since the ageing helicopter market is growing rapidly and includes numerous Eastern platforms, we hope other customers will follow the selection of our modernisation solutions,” says Elbit chief executive Bezhalel Machlis.

Elbit has in recent years developed systems that can modify rotorcraft to a glass cockpit-configuration standard, and also enhance safety under difficult operating conditions such as degraded visual environments.

Source: FlightGlobal.com