Bristow Helicopters has recognised the Sikorsky S-92's performance after starting search-and-rescue services with the type last year on behalf of the UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

In 2013, the UK Department for Transport signed a 10-year agreement with the commercial operator – SAR operations having previously been conducted by the Royal Air Force and navy – and flights with the S-92 began in April 2015. Some 1,149 missions have since been operated with the type, says Bristow.

The UK operator's chief executive Jonathan Baliff notes: "The speed, capacity and operational range of the SAR S-92, combined with the civilian and former military personnel we employ as part of UK SAR, create a best-of-all-worlds solution."

For SAR missions, the S-92 operates at an average airspeed of 145kt (166mph) with an endurance of more than 4h. Bristow operates 14 S-92s for the UK's SAR services, but the company's entire fleet of the type comprises around 75 aircraft.

At the Farnborough air show, Bristow and Sikorsky revealed a 10-year aftermarket support contract for the S-92 SAR fleet.

Source: Flight Daily News