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Rafael and Northrop Grumman are teaming to offer the former’s Toplite optronic system for the US Marines Corps’ Bell Boeing MV-22 tiltrotor.

The two companies teamed to respond to a request for proposals issued for an advanced optronic system that is needed to improve the operational capabilities of the MV-22 in different combat scenarios.

Toplite is based on the technology of the Litening targeting pod used by the US Air Force and USMC, and the two companies previously teamed the Litening 5 for the US Navy's Boeing F/A-18.

Toplite is also currenlty undergoing acceptance tests on the Italian army' s Mangusta A-129 helicopters, and will serve as the main targeting system of this helicopter that will also carry the company's Spike anti-tank missiles.

Toplite is a stabilised, multi-role, multi-sensor optronic payload designed for day/night observation and targeting.

It is currently offered as a standalone system or as part of a weapons package that includes a member of the Rafael Spike missile family.

Source: Flight Daily News