GE Aviation’s CT7-2F1 turboshaft engine received Federal Aviation Administration type certification.

The engine is a variant of the CT7 family of turboshafts and is to power the forthcoming Bell 525 Relentless, a twin-engined, medium-lift helicopter. The CT7 family of turboshafts also power the Leonardo AW189 and Sikorsky S-92.

Bell 525

Bell 525 flight test


The Bell 525 programme has accumulated more than 1,000 flight hours and more than 1,350h of total turn time using the CT7-2F1 turboshaft, says the manufacturer. Certification of the CT7-2F1 turboshaft engine comes as Bell hopes to have its new helicopter US type certified in 2019.

“The last month has been the most successful to date, in terms of completion of certification milestones for the Bell 525 programme,” said Byron Ward, vice-president of the Bell 525 programme. “FAA certification for the aircraft’s engine is another major achievement, and we are that much closer to bringing the most advanced helicopter to market.”

The Bell 525 programme is certification flight testing in Yellowknife, Canada after recently completing snow testing certification in Rome, New York. The final flight test vehicle is in Amarillo, Texas finalising ground-based certification testing and is scheduled to fly at the end of March 2019, says Bell.