The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will feature a trio of fighter aircraft as part of its aerial display at this year's edition of the Singapore air show.

One Boeing F-15SG and two General Dynamics F-16Cs will perform together for the first time in a series of 15 manoeuvres including what the air force describes as a "vertical split" and "knife edge pass".

In one such manoeuvre, the three aircraft will appear in an arrowhead formation before pulling up vertically and executing a synchronised barrel roll.

Another move will see the two F-16Cs fly towards each other head-on at over 1,400km/h (760kt) before rolling in alternate directions.

The performance will conclude with a "golden salute" that will see the three aircraft approach the viewing area before pulling up vertically, with the F-16Cs releasing chaff and banking in opposite directions while the F-15SG continues skyward.

F16, F-15 display SIA


The display team comprises six pilots and two weapon systems officers.

The aircraft will perform twice a day between 11:30 and 13:55.

Also on static display are the RSAF's Airbus Helicopters AS332 Super Puma, Boeing CH-47 Chinook, F-16D+, AH-64D Apache, Gulfstream G550, Lockheed Martin C-130, Sikorsky S-70B Sea Hawk and Elbit Hermes 450.

This year's Singapore air show coincides with the RSAF's 50th anniversary.

"The systems and capabilities that the RSAF have inducted over the years provide us with a range of capabilities that can be useful in a wide range of scenarios to meet the demands of both conventional and unconventional threats in an evolving security landscape," says RSAF’s Chief of Air Force, Major-General Mervyn Tan. "As a small country with no strategic depth, Singapore will always need superior air capabilities to protect its interests and borders."

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Source: Cirium Dashboard