HeliSolutions was launched two years ago and now ranks as the largest helicopter fractional ownership programme in the world. There are 13 aircraft in the fleet comprising a mixture of Robinson R44 piston singles, Eurocopter EC120 Colibri, AS350B3 Ecureuil turbine singles and Bell 430 twin turbines.

Allan Paiotti, managing director of HeliSolutions, says that unlike in the rest of the world, where there are fewer than a handful of programmes in existence, "helicopter fractional ownership has met with considerable success in Brazil where infrastructure has played a key part. In S‹o Paulo, for example there are over 150 helipads built into the daily routine of the city and demand is high." He adds: "We are planning to offer a combo package, which will allow JetSolutions customers access to our helicopter fleet."

HeliSolutions has also struck a codeshare agreement with New York-based SikorskyShares. This, says Paiotti, will allow customers across the two helicopter programmes access to each others' fleet. "We are in an trial period at the moment, but if it proves successful, as expected, we plan to broaden the scheme," he says.

Source: Flight International