A test flight of a scale model of Japan's National Experimental Supersonic Transport (NEXST) in Australia was postponed by four days to 14 July due to high winds at the launch site. The test was rescheduled for 08:00 on 14 July. The test involves launching an 11.5m (38ft)-long, 10% scale model of the NEXST "piggy back" on a solid-fuel rocket booster to 68,800ft (21,000m) and Mach 2.5. The NEXST is seen as a 300-seat next-generation supersonic transport with a 10,200km (5,500nm) range and 399,000kg (878,850lb) maximum take-off weight. The studies are funded by the Japanese government to prepare the country's industry to play a major role in international supersonic transport projects.

Source: Flight International