Hispano-Suiza has revealed a "new concept" in thrust reversers aimed at high-bypass ratio engines. The new design will be offered for the Airbus A3XX, says the French thrust-reverser company.

Claimed to offer a 20% improvement in efficiency over current cascade-type devices, the "scoop" reverser is also safer, says Hispano-Suiza, since it inherently resists inadvertent opening, compared with the current "rocker" type designs, which require anti-opening safety systems.

The "scoop" concept pivots the doors inward instead of outward, obstructing the fan flow while opening a passage to the outside for redirected fan air. Part of the flow leaves through a hollow door, and is deflected forward through a cascade - an idea which the French company has patented.

The reverser is designed for the "all-electric" aircraft now in development, operation of the four reversing doors being electrical rather than hydraulic. An active lock operates once deployed.

Weight and cost savings of up to 15% are claimed, and the design, which keeps the entire door assembly within the bypass duct, enables installation on wings with low ground clearance. Hispano-Suiza will make proposals to potential customers "within months".

Source: Flight International