Hong Kong airport posted 1% growth in cargo in October, its firstly monthly increase in more than a year, but its passenger numbers in October dipped by 4%.

In October passenger numbers fell 4% to 3.9 million, says the airport, adding that resident traffic rose 20% but visitor traffic fell 4% and transit traffic fell 18%.

This was "due to the weak performance of the mainland and Taiwan markets", it says.

Scheduled non-stop flights between Taiwan and China started at the end of August, which means people no longer have to transit in Hong Kong and Macau.

In terms of the cargo, Hong Kong had a 1% increase to 324,000t, its first monthly increase in 14 months.

"The recent traffic figures continue to indicate signs of stabilisation," says the Airport Authority's CEO Stanley Hui.

The rebound in cargo was partly driven by pre-Christmas replenishment of stocks, he adds.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news