Hong Kong and Shanghai's airport authorities have established a joint-venture that will manage part of the expanded Shanghai Hongqiao and assist the Shanghai authority to improve its management in time for next year's World Expo.

Today the Airport Authority of Hong Kong and the Shanghai Airport Authority signed the co-operation agreement for the new joint-venture that will provide training and business consultation services by drawing on the management expertise of Hong Kong airport.

"The joint venture company [Shanghai Hong Kong Airport Management] will manage Hongqiao airport's east and west terminals, the east traffic control centre of Hongqiao's integrated transport centre and other businesses relating to passenger flow," says Hong Kong airport.

"The joint-venture will also manage the retail business of the two terminals and ensure the airport provides high-quality airport services for visitors and delegates of World Expo 2010 Shanghai."

Hongqiao, which is Shanghai's second major airport and China's fourth, "is nearing completion on a series of expansion works in preparation for next year's Shanghai expo." This involves building an additional runway and terminal that is due to open in March.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news