Honeywell plans to begin flight tests of its TECH 7000 demonstrator engine in June as it develops technologies for a new 10,000lb-thrust (45kN) turbofan for super mid-size to large business jets.

Based on the HTF7000 engine powering the Bombardier Challenger 300, two TECH 7000 engines are being used for accelerated rig testing of technologies including a low-noise forward swept fan, low-emissions combustion system and longer-life impeller disk materials.

One of the TECH 7000s will begin flight testing on Honeywell's Boeing 720 engine testbed in June, and the company has begun work on a demonstrator for the 10,000lb-thrust - or "10K" - engine, which is designated the HTF10000 (Flight International, 17-23 November 2006).

"We have already ordered casting and blades for a demonstrator engine we expect to run by late next year," says Bob Smith, vice-president advanced technology. The HTF10000 is competing to power Dassault's planned super mid-size jet, and Honeywell is keeping the yet-to-be-launched engine on track for certification by 2010-11. Selection of an engine by Dassault is imminent.

Compared with the HTF7000, the 10K engine will have increased operating pressures and temperatures for improved fuel efficiency and power-to-weight ratio. Honeywell says the engine will introduce its SABER "rich-quench-lean" combustion technology for reduced emissions and smoke. This also features improved combustor cooling geometries for increased durability.

Source: Flight International