Honeywell and Sensis demonstrated two intervention scenarios to the FAA and NTSB on 27 August (and to Flight International the following day) using a Honeywell-owned Beechcraft King Air twin-engine turboprop and Rockwell Sabreliner business jet, both with the modified TCAS system, and an off-line ASDE-X testbed for the ground portion.

In the first scenario, both aircraft were cleared to depart intersecting runways. Pilots on board both aircraft, after accelerating for take-off, received a "converging traffic" alert multiple times before the offending traffic, blocked by the terminal building, came into view. In the second scenario, one aircraft was cleared to land on a runway where the other aircraft is holding for take-off. In that case the airborne aircraft received a "runway occupied" alert when roughly 2.2km (1.2nm) out while the aircraft on the ground received a "converging traffic alert".

Source: Flight International