UK-based budget airline EasyJet has chosen Honeywell to supply a variety of products for its order of 120 Airbus A319 aircraft, EasyJet holds options on an additional 120 aircraft.

Products include an avionics suite; auxiliary power units (APUs) - including a ten-year maintenance APU maintenance agreement; and wing anti-icing valves. The contract, including options and APU maintenance over 10 years, is worth an estimated $620 million.

Honeywell avionics selected by EasyJet include: weather radar with predictive wind shear detection; Complete Quantum line of communications and navigation equipment; a flight management system embedded into the A319 flight management and guidance computer; solid state flight data and cockpit voice recorders; aircraft collision avoidance system (ACAS II) and the Mode S transponder; enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS); air data inertial reference unit (ADIRU) which supplies information to the flight management system and other aircraft systems about altitude, air speed, air temperature, aircraft attitude (orientation relative to the horizon) and aircraft position.


EasyJet also selected the Honeywell 131-9A auxiliary APU, the latest member of the Honeywell 131-9 family of APUs, specifically designed for single-aisle aircraft. The airline also selected Honeywell's wing hot air anti-icing valve.

EasyJet has selected the CFM56-5B engine to power its new A319 aircraft and Honeywell will supply the start system; various pneumatic control valves and actuators; as well as the oil fuel heat exchanger. Honeywell engine accessories on the CFM56-5B have a total value of up to $108 million, for 240 aircraft, including aftermarket.

"This contract exemplifies what the spirit of Unlimited Partnership means for our customer and continues our long-term partnership with one of the most admired low-cost airlines in the world," said Barry Eccleston, vice-president of Honeywell Aerospace, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Source: Flight Daily News