Honeywell has redesignated its latest AS907 turbofan the HTF7000 to reflect the company's new nomenclature for new engines. The numbers denote the thrust class, and the letters indicate whether the engine is a turbofan, turboprop or turboshaft. The 7,000lb thrust-class (31kN) HTF7000 powers Bombardier's Challenger 300 super mid-size business jet.

Honeywell's existing engines will continue to carry designations reflecting their varied origins. The TFE731 turbo- fan and TPE331 turboprop are former Garrett engines that date from before the merger of Allied and Signal in 1985. The LF507 turbofan and LTS101 turboshaft were developed by Lycoming, which was acquired by AlliedSignal in 1995. Development of the AS900 family began in 1998, before AlliedSignal and Honeywell merged in 2000.

A new 5,000lb thrust-class engine, for which the company is seeking a launch customer and which was previously known as the AS905, would be designated the HTF5000 under the new naming convention, says Honeywell. The HTF7000, meanwhile, will retain its original AS907 designation for legal and regulatory purposes, the company says.

Source: Flight International