Honeywell is to improve its satellite-based precision approach aids for airports after the FAA agreed a $4.5 million modification to its existing Category 1 Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) contract.

Honeywell will provide a hardware and software update, incorporating a new set of system integrity algorithms, into its existing SLS-3000 Beta-LAAS ground systems at Memphis International Airport.

A LAAS ground station helps improve the accuracy of Global Positioning System (GPS) systems by transmitting a local correction signal to nearby aircraft. A single ground station can provide coverage for all runway ends at most airports.

John Oelschlaeger, director of Honeywell's satellite landing systems business, says: "The new integrity algorithms are designed to monitor and mitigate potential disturbances which could adversely affect the integrity of the signals being broadcast by a LAAS ground facility to aircraft.

"During the next 18 months, the FAA/Honeywell team expects to implement these algorithms and conduct flight tests to demonstrate their effectiveness. Our goal is to restore confidence in LAAS as a safe and cost effective means of improving air travel safety and reducing air traffic delays for the flying public, while increasing operational capacity for airports."

The FAA selected Honeywell as the prime contractor on the LAAS system in May 2003. A single LAAS ground station can provide coverage for all runway ends at most airports.

Source: Flight Daily News