Honeywell has announced a raft of multi-year auxiliary power unit maintenance contracts totalling $318.5 million.

The largest is with Southwest Airlines in a $156 million deal extending the maintenance for 425 APUs and environmental control system components for its fleet of Boeing classic and next generation 737s.

The contract runs until 2008.


In a further $141 million contract, Honeywell will maintain the APUs for Delta Air Lines' fleet of Boeing 777s, 767-400s and MD-88s.

It will also provide new and repaired parts to Delta to support its new-generation 737s and MD-90s.

The agreement covers over 300 APUs and lasts for 10 years.

The final deal sees Swiss-based maintenance organisation SR Technics selecting Honeywell to provide repair and overhaul services for the 331-350 APUs it supports on Swiss Airbus A330-200s and future A340-300 deliveries.

The contract includes the third-party A330/340 customers of SR Technics and totals $11.5 million.

Source: Flight Daily News