Honeywell has signed two agreements with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to work together to modernise air traffic management (ATM) capabilities and advance aviation components manufacturing in China.

The first, a deal signed with AVIC Avionics, will involve the two companies establishing an ATM laboratory together. "The ATM laboratory will be focused on studying and driving developments in ATM in China. This includes research and development projects, as well as joint studies on ATM in China which will help define the developments required of manufacturers and operators of ATM technology," says Honeywell.

Honeywell and AVIC Avionics will also form a joint ATM committee with a co-chair from each side. "The committee will meet regularly to authorise and initiate joint activities under the purview of the ATM laboratory, establish work teams to execute the activities, and provide executive management and oversight for the ATM laboratory and all associated cooperative activities," says Honeywell.

Its second agreement with AVIC Electromechanical Systems will involve the two companies working together on Honeywell's upcoming mechanical components centre of excellence in its aerospace business group.

"Honeywell and AVIC Electro-Mech will cooperate on developing their respective capabilities in supply chain development for the components business with a view toward serving both domestic and international customers and establishing business practices comparable to that of world-class components manufacturers," says Honeywell.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news