Honeywell has announced two new customers for its Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS). The company is to integrate the system into its Primus Epic platform on Embraer¹s ERJ 170/190 family of regional jet aircraft and retrofit EGPWS into at least 175 Air France aircraft.

The EGPWS compares location information from a navigation system with its worldwide terrain database, presenting a map-like picture of nearby terrain on a cockpit display. The EGPWS also provides visual and aural alerts that start about 60sec prior to a possible Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) incident.


Integrating EGPWS into the Primus Epic modular avionics unit (MAU) reduces components and weight from the aircraft. This is the first integration of an avionics product into a system since Honeywell and AlliedSignal merged in December 1999. The company is developing an EGPWS module specific to the Primus Epic platform for the ERJ 170/190, but will also offer a standard EGPWS module that can be adapted to other avionics suppliers¹ systems. The inclusion of EGPWS will enable aircraft to meet the forthcoming US mandate for a terrain awareness and warning system.

The Air France deal will see the EGPWS installed on a variety of aircraft ranging from Airbus A310s, A319s, A320s, A321s and A340s to Boeing B737s, B747 Classics, B747-400s and B767s. Air France already has the EGPWS operating on a mix of 25 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Cost effective

"We chose the Honeywell EGPWS as it is cost effective with a proven performance and low program risk," says Pierre Caussade, vice-president, Flight Operations and Technical Development. "We were also impressed with some of the recent improvements in the system such as peak mode and geometric altitude."

Peak mode enables pilots to view a map of the terrain below while cruising at high altitude. This aims to aid terrain awareness should an emergency descent be necessary.

John Uczekaj, vice-president and general manager, Business, Regional and General Aviation for Honeywell¹s Aerospace Electronic Systems, says: "To date, more than 10,000 EGPWS units have been sold for air transport, business and regional jets as well as to the military. Incorporating EGPWS into integrated platforms such as Primus Epic will carry its safety benefits well into the next generation of aircraft."

Source: Flight Daily News