The French aircraft industry is set to benefit from Honeywell's selection by Fairchild Dornier to provide auxiliary fuel tanks for the Envoy 7 corporate jet. The contract, which will be handled by Honeywell's French SECAN operation, covers 100-125 aircraft and has a potential value of $50 million.

The new tanks use Honeywell's patented Isocell technology, a new aluminium lightweight, rigid and durable construction and assembly technique. The auxiliary tanks will extend the range of the aircraft from 2,600km (1,400nm) in the standard 70-passenger 728JET regional configuration, to more than 7,400km in the Envoy 7 corporate configuration. Honeywell SECAN in Gennevilliers, France will design the fuel tanks and the Witry-les-Reims plant, will manufacture and assemble them.

Source: Flight Daily News