The Baltic W445

Germany’s High Performance Aircraft (HPA) has rebranded its redesigned TT62 Alekto as the Baltic and scheduled a maiden flight of the piston twin business aircraft for the third quarter of next year.

Zirchow-based HPA was forced to re-evaluate the Alekto’s design last year, following the discovery during flight testing that wash from the rear-fuselage mounted propellers disrupted airflow over the pylons.

The Baltic has a more conventional configuration than its predecessor. The jet-fuelled Thielert Aircraft Engines Centurion 4.0 turbocharged diesel engines have been moved from the rear fuselage to the wing. The fuselage has been shortened by 1.5m (4.9ft) to 10.14m, although the new cabin can accommodate five passengers, one more than the Alekto, due to the repositioned engines. Maximum cruise speed of the Baltic is 230kt (426kmh) at 20,000ft (6100m) and the aircraft will have an economic cruise range with full tanks of 3,240km (1,750nm). Ceritification is scheduled for 2009 with production set to begin later that year.

Source: Flight International