German manufacturer High Performance Aircraft (HPA) has revised its flight-test schedule for its six-seat TT62 Alekto twin pusher, after failing to complete taxi tests before November last year.

The TT62 had been due for certification by the end of 2004, but first flight was pushed back from June to October last year before the most recent delay. The company says taxi tests are under way and that additional work to comply with certification rules must be completed before a new flight-test schedule can be released. HPA says this revision will be finalised in February, with test flights likely to start the following month.

The Alekto's powerplants, two 310hp (228kW) Thielert Aircraft Engines Centurion 4 turbocharged V8 diesel engines, received certification in October last year and have been mounted on the airframe for ground tests. The TT62's systems have also been installed on the testbed.

Source: Flight International