Flight Vision is displaying what has been dubbed "Top Gun" cockpit technology at the show (Stand D430).

The Flight Vision Sparrow Hawk head-up display (HUD) and FV-3000 modular mission display processor system are being used to retrofit US Navy Grumman F-14B Tomcats. The FV-3000 is also deployed in the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter Concept Demonstration Aircraft.

Sparrow Hawk HUD gives pilots twice their previous field of view and boasts improvements in symbol placement and a working velocity vector. The US Navy flew its first upgraded F-14Bs in December 1999.

"With this upgrade, the F-14B is using the latest display technology available," says Robert Atac, chief executive officer of Flight Visions. "We are really proud of our engineers who designed and built these systems. The benefactors are the Navy pilots who will fly these planes."

It's not just the military which benefits from enhanced vision capabilities. Flight Visions is also displaying some of the HUDs installed in the Gulfstream III and IV and the Beech King Air series, designed to improve operational flexibility for commercial owners.

Source: Flight Daily News