Hughes Training (HTI) has launched an urgent programme to develop a replacement for light-valve projectors used in its McDonnell Douglas F-18 dome simulators.

General Electric ceased production of Talaria light-valves in 1994. GE light-valve projectors are widely used in dome simulators and no off-the-shelf replacement exists, HTI says.

Talaria light-valves are used to project computer-generated images on to the inner surface of the dome. HTI is developing a replacement based on the Hughes-JVC light-valve used in commercial large-screen displays. The device has a cathode-ray-tube image source and a liquid-crystal valve. Substantial modifications will be required for simulator use, HTI admits.

The Arlington, Texas based company has completed optical design of the new projector. The first projector deliveries are required by the end of the year for an F-18 simulator which HTI is contracted to deliver in 1996.

HTI says that several other projector companies are racing to develop replacements for the Talaria light valve.

Hughes Training has received a $5.2 million contract to update four Turkish air force Lockheed F-16C maintenance trainers to Block 30B/E configuration for installation in late 1996. Hughes installed a suite of F-16A maintenance trainers in Indonesia in 1994 and has a contract to supply a suite of F-16A Block 20 devices to Taiwan.

Source: Flight International