HUGHES SPACE and Communications is to build the PanAmSat (PAS) 5, the 43rd HS-601 model to be supplied by the company and the third enhanced high-power version, the HS-601 HP (Flight International, 15-21 March).

The HS-601 HP features gallium-arsenide solar cells and advanced-battery technology, as well as a xenon-ion propulsion system, and carries payloads with twice the power of the standard HS-601. The PAS 5 will have 24 Ku- and C-band transponders, with 7kW-pay-load power.

Hughes built the PAS 2, which was launched on 8 July 1994 and the PAS 3, which was lost in the Ariane V70 failure on 1 December 1994.

It is also building the replacement PAS 3R, which is scheduled for an unconfirmed Ariane launch in December 1995 and the PAS 4 scheduled to be launched in July/August 1995, also by the Ariane 4.

The PAS 5 will be the first satellite to be launched by the Russian Proton in 1997.

Source: Flight International