Honeywell (booth 406) has upgraded the software for its GNS-XLS flight management system (FMS) – plus a $3,000 bonus for operators who sign up for it before the end of the month.
GNS-XLS is a compact, low-cost FMS combining GPS approach capability with graphical weather and enhanced ground-proximity warning displays in a single integrated unit.
“The upgrade is designed to extend the life of the system and meet new operational standards in Europe and the USA,” says Ken Snodgrass, director of technical sales for Honeywell Business and General Aviation. It will also support memory expansion to accommodate installation of a worldwide navigation database.
The new standards include precision area navigation (P-RNAV) and advisory circular (AC) 90-100. “AC 90-100 covers the US Federal Aviation Administration’s new terminal navigation procedures, while P-RNAV compliance is quickly becoming a requirement in Europe,” says Snodgrass.
The software upgrade gives access to a 20Mb memory card containing Honeywell’s 28-day worldwide navigational database. This is the successor to the multiple regional databases currently used in GNS-XLS.

Source: Flight Daily News