Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) comes to Paris buoyed by winning a contract to upgrade the Mil Mi-24/35 helicopter for night operation. The award was made by a foreign customer, believed to be India.

Designated the 'Mission 24' improvement programme, the work is being handled by IAI's Tanam division. It includes the helicopter multi-mission optronic stabilised payload (HMSOP) for day and night observation and targeting, night vision goggles and helmet-mounted display for each crew member.

Additionally, accurate navigation and mission planning are aided by the addition of a global positioning system (GPS) in tandem with Doppler navigation.

IAI says the upgraded aircraft, which is on display here this week, is able to handle the original AT-6 (Shtrum) anti-tank missiles, 'fire and forget' Spike anti-tank weaponry, together with rockets, bombs and pylon-mounted guns.

Source: Flight Daily News