Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing hovering air vehicles capable of carrying payloads of 100-200kg (220-441lb), with some being non-tethered designs.

"We see a big potential demand for hovering platforms, and we will offer a complete line of them," said Brig Gen (Reserve) Shmuel Yachin, chief co-ordinator of IAI's land systems unit.

The company has previously disclosed details of its electric tethered observation platform (ETOP), which is designed to carry multi-system payloads for a variety of military, civilian and paramilitary missions.


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The electrically-powered ETOP air vehicle can be positioned above a static station using cables or deployed from a moving ground vehicle or maritime platform.

It can carry a payload of up to 20kg and operate to a maximum altitude of 328ft (100m).

Yachin said IAI is currently working with fuel cell power pack developers to increase the endurance time of non-tethered hovering air vehicles.

Source: Flight International