Israel Aerospace Industries may still adapt the Gulfstream G550 for use in air refuelling, even though the company has rejected the aircraft as a main tanker platform.

The large-cabin, ultra-long-range business jet is seen as a potential "complementary platform", or could be used to train pilots in air refuelling. The renewed interest comes after IAI Bedek Group concluded that the G550 is not attractive as a main refuelling platform, a company source reports.

Meanwhile, Bedek Group is focusing its air refuelling marketing strategy on the Boeing 767. The company delivered a 767-300 to the Colombian air force in November, which it converted to an aerial tanker. The aircraft had been purchased by IAI and equipped with a drogue and hose aerial refuelling system.

G550 specials - IAI
 © IAI
Israel currently uses the G550 in its Eitam airborne warning configuration

Source: Flight International