An Israeli newspaper claims that the US has imposed sanctions on Israel following the supply of Israel Aircraft Industries' (IAI) Harpy Killer unmanned air vehicles (UAV) to China.

The article in Haaretz adds that the sanctions have been in place for the past few months after IAI supplied the UAVs to China against US wishes. Defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice approved the sanctions, claims Haaretz. IAI refused to comment on the story at the show.


The US has allegedly suspended co-operation on several joint projects after it believed that Israeli officials "lied to them" about the export of the drones to China.

Officials claim that Israel was merely refurbishing old drones, which had been exported with American consent, while the US argues that the drones had been upgraded using new technology that had it shared with Israel.

Harpy is a fire and forget assault UAV, developed by the MBT Division of IAI, that can locate, attack and destroy missile batteries and radar sites.

It can patrol an assigned area under autonomous control, and will attack any hostile radar that is switched on in its vicinity. Unlike anti-radar missiles such as HARM, whose speed, range and direction of approach are predictable, Harpy is designed to be more flexible. The 135kg (300lb) drone is designed to stay aloft for many hours due to its low speed and efficient fuel consumption. Harpy has also been sold to Turkey and India.

Source: Flight Daily News