The MBT division of Israel Aircraft Industries has developed a family of unmanned loitering, long-range, long-endurance weapon systems.

The only fact known about the unmanned air vehicle system is that some will be able to loiter for 8-10h in target search operations. The systems are understood to have advanced propulsion and new seekers and can be launched from land and from the air.

The loitering weapons carriers have been developed in parallel with upgrading the Harpy anti-radiation UAV. The current Harpy made by MBT is launched from the ground, flies to a predesignated area and then begins a loitering pattern until an electromagnetic emission is detected by its sensor. The Harpy then dives to destroy the emitting target.

The new UAV has a dual electromagnetic/electro-optical sensor and advanced datalink. The idea is to launch a "squadron" of UAVs to a predesignated area, where they loiter and receive continuous updates about potential targets. The attack priority is set by a ground station or a manned aircraft.

Source: Flight International