The Israeli air force has bought another Boeing 707 for Israel Aerospace Industries to convert into an in-flight refuelling aircraft. Local sources say the deal will probably be the last signed to adapt a 707 for the mission.

Israel's air force has had to convert several more 707s in recent years because of the US Air Force's troubled selection process for a new KC-X fleet of tankers.

Upgrades have also expanded the capability of the Israeli air force's 707 "Reem" fleet, which is used primarily for tanker duties. Modifications have included installing a new Honeywell cockpit avionics suite with six multifunction displays, plus new communications equipment and a global air traffic management system.

An Israeli-made boom has been replaced with the same system used on the USAF's Boeing KC-135s.

Tel Aviv is awaiting the outcome of the KC-X contest between Boeing's 767 NewGen Tanker and an Airbus A330-based KC-45 aircraft offered by EADS North America before deciding on acquiring new tanker/transports.

Source: Flight International