Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) is ready to start avionics and fuselage manufacture for the Aviation Technology Group (ATG) Javelin two-seat very light jet/military trainer, in which the Israeli firm is a joint venture partner.

The move comes as ATG ships its Javelin demonstrator to the company's new headquarters at Centennial airport in Englewood, California. The two-seat aircraft is being prepared for flight testing late in the first quarter.

Meanwhile, a crucial round of talks between the potential partners in the Avocet ProJet programme is expected next month.

However, sources close to the very light jet programme say that while Avocet is optimistic about the outcome of the discussions, Raytheon and IAI are less sanguine.

Avocet initiated the programme to develop and manufacture a small, low-cost twin-engined air taxi with a price tag of around $1.5-2 million.

Source: Flight International