Israel Aircraft Industries is showing why it is a major player in the electronic warfare market.

Its new EL/M-2083 phased array radar, developed and manufactured by IAI's Elta Systems Group (IAI/Elta), has now been incorporated into the Israel Air Force's extended air defence aerostat system.

EL/M-2083 is an early warning and control phased array radar designed to detect hostile approaching aircraft from long range, especially when approaching at low altitudes.

Data gathered by the radar is transmitted to a central air defence command and control centre. Once a potential threat has been detected the onboard system alerts responders.


Elta has also developed the first EL/M-20600 all weather radar targeting pod (RTP). The RTP is designed to support fighter aircraft in air-to-surface missions in all-weather conditions.

Elta's Radar Targeting Pod provides real-time tactical reconnaissance, high precision strike and post raid assessment at altitudes up to 15,200m (50,000ft). The EL/M-20600 is an alternative system to the electro-optical targeting pod enabling all-weather, long-range stand-off operations.

The company has also developed a new multi-mission airborne reconnaissance and surveillance system (MARSS) system. This airborne intelligence and C4I system performs simultaneous signal intelligence (SIGINT) and image intelligence (IMINT) missions in all-weather conditions.

MARSS is equipped with a communication intelligence (COMINT) system and electronic intelligence (ELINT) system to provide a real-time electronic order of battle (EOB) of all the communication networks and radars in the theatre.

Source: Flight Daily News